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Meet Viv


Vivienne Bannigan

Hi, My name is Vivienne Bannigan and I am the founder and Managing Director of Granuaile Limited.

I was born in Dublin. My parents were independent retailers. I am most proud of the fact that my mum started her business when she was 25 years old before she met my father – they both inspired me to take a keen interest in politics and business. My mother, Vera, is still alive and manages her own property business. My father passed away from dementia.

I realise that we all face challenges and I am keen that individuals live the life that they are supposed to live. It matters that you find what you would like to experience with your life and your business, and I do my best to support you with that intention.

I have just completed a post-graduate diploma in Community Psychology and I am a qualified Dispute Resolution Mediator from the School of Psychotherapy at St Regent’s College. I hold many qualifications, having originally trained in economics and finance. I have over 20 years experience working in financial services with people and teams, designing and developing frameworks which would lead to change and that is where my story begins for Granuaile.

In 2012, I was navigating amateur race boats in the Solent, England. It became apparent that the skillset I was employing on the boats was similar to the approach I was following as a professional in the City. Except something was amiss. I’d had three jobs in three years. I could not settle and I was anxious, exhausted and feeling completely misaligned. The first thing I learnt in sailing was that if you do not know where the boat is you stop and plot your position. And at that time I was fortunate enough to have the resources to STOP!

vivienne sailing 2.JPG

Sailing around Antigua, 2013

I resigned from my role and developed the Navigating Change philosophy, which is ‘everyone is a leader and the first person one leads is oneself – mind, body and spirit’. I am a firm believer in the importance of recognizing the ‘big picture’ and delivering results, and I support individuals to bolster their decision-making ability and communication skills. I have been following this approach since 2013. In a corporate environment I have been instrumental in supporting organisations to implement new structures to improve communication, processes and ultimately, productivity. 

I combine my deep understanding of the pressures of business, experiences of life, and the qualities found in legendary leaders such as Granuaile. I work with my clients to take control of their lives and master their environment. It delights me no end to see my clients light up when they start to trust themselves and find their way. 

I look forward to meeting you sometime in the future. And in the meantime have a lovely day, evening…