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Who we are


Vivienne Bannigan

Founder and MD Vivienne Bannigan is passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to achieve their potential while at the same time creating an environment that is professional, participative and fun. 

Vivienne was born in Dublin, Ireland. Originally trained as an economist, she has spent over 20 years in financial services, building frameworks and training programmes that support individuals and organisations to navigate change. 

In 2012 while working as a director in the City and sailing in her spare time, Vivienne decided to pause and re-evaluate. She realised the skillset she used on the boats was similar to those she was using in the City. She used this understanding as the framework of her first Leadership workshop the following year. 

Since then Vivienne has qualified as a mediator and completed a post-graduate diploma in Community Psychology. She now uses her Navigating Change philosophy to educate and mentor, creating powerful strategies that work for both individuals and organisations. 


Who was Granuaile?

The inspiration for the company name is Granuaile (Graw-ni-wale), a pirate Queen and an Irish heroine. An outstanding leader, she used her power skillfully and demonstrated great passion for love and life. In the 16th century, at a time of economic upheaval, Granuaile met Elizabeth I and secured the rule of her lands for her people until her death.

The spirit of Granuaile inspires our philosophy of nurturing innovation, creativity and success.

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Grace O’Malley - aka Granuaile